Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Philadelphia 76ers Draft Grade

The Philadelphia 76ers Draft Pick

Evan Turner 6'7'' Shooting Guard

Evan Turner is the best player in the NBA Draft.

Turner the National Player of the Year in college had the chance to possibly be the No. 1 overall selection but chose not to work out for the Wizards and built a relationship with the 76ers.

Turner is a complete athlete. He can play three positions on the floor and can do it well.

He has elite ball-handling skills and the ability to knock down mid-range jumpers at will. At 6'7'' that elite ball-handling allows him to penetrate the lane where he uses floaters or his left or right hand to finish around the rim.

But the most interesting part about Turner is his ability to make others better. He had to do-it-all at Ohio State, and transformed some sub-par athletes into stars.


The Sixers nailed the draft. Evan Turner is the best possibly prospect to build on the future.

Many suspected that Turner and Andre Igoudala couldn't play together, but it's reported that they both have been talking about the opportunity.

With Turner, you have a player that you can slide anywhere from one-two-three and expect a huge impact.

He is going to find his sweet spots, and make the most of every opportunity.

Many complain about his lack of three-point touch. But I should let you know he is an absolute gym rat. He will increase his range before his rookie season and the NBA.

Turner is my early pick for rookie of the year. Sorry John Wall.

Draft Grade: A

Written by DeAnte Mitchell 

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