Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Orlando Magic Draft Grade

Orlando Magic Draft Picks

Daniel Orton 6'10'' Center

Orton was apart of that fantastic freshman squad that produced a record number, five players in the first round.

College basketball fans like myself didn't get to see Orton on the court much last season, and if you based his draft stock on his numbers he wouldn't even be considered.

But in those select minutes that we did get to see the big fella we realized how much potential he really has.

He has great size for an NBA center, and add strength and you have a legit post presence.

He isn't really offensive polished but he gets on the glass on both ends of the floor. He is best suited for the half-court style offenses, and will be a challenge playing in a up-tempo style like he play in Orlando

Stanley Robinson 6'9'' Small Forward

Stanley Robinson is athletically off the charts. He is a freakish athlete and a big time contributor.

Robinson is very explosive and likes to show off his leaping ability.

He can give you a good slasher on the wing, not to mention, he bring defensive intensity and has the ability to guard three different positions.

He is an excellent leader, displaying leadership qualities down the stretch at UConn in both his senior and junior seasons. He is a big time athlete and will be a draft steal when it's said and done.


The Magic really need a point guard. They had the chance to draft Mikhail Torrance the sharp shooter with excellent size. But they passed on him to draft Robinson. That may come back to haunt them.

But overall, it was a good draft. They could have done a lot better job at No. 30 drafting someone who can actually contribute right away, but instead you might see Orton in the D-League.

Draft Grade: C

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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