Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Oklahoma City Thunder Draft Grade

Oklahoma City Thunder Draft Picks


Acquired off trade

Cole Aldrich 6'10'' Center

You hear everybody saying "Oh take the project" or "in about three years he'll be really good." Well why not take the NBA ready prospect that is ready to contribute now?
Cole Aldrich, the 6'11'' center from Kansas, is the most NBA ready center in the draft; both mentally and physically.
You can get a lot from a player like Aldrich. For a player his size he displays very good vision in the post. At Kansas he usually always faced the double team but that didn't rattle him; he still passed it out or scored. In addition, he has the ability to knock down mid-range jumpers.
When he pulls up, you're either disgusted by his form or wondering why he just pulled up for the jumper, until he made it.
Aldrich can score from the inside, with jump hooks and runners, but can also score with his jump shot.
On the defensive side of the ball he has defensive mastermind written all over him. The three years he spent at Kansas helped him become a great defensive center. He has good shot blocking skills and displays nice footwork in the post.
He works very hard to keep his man in front of him, and always makes sure everything is tough for the opposition. He alters shots just as well as any veteran in the NBA.
Along with blocking shots comes a great rebounder. His upper body strength allows him to knock off defenders and grab the rebound. He has sure hands and is very alert so there is no possibility of a steal.
Tibor Pleiss 7'1'' Center
Pleiss is a very long athlete. He rebounds and defends the basketball very well.
Ryan Reid 6'8'' Power Forward

Reid is very much undersized in the post. But he makes up for that with his strong frame.


The Oklahoma City Thunder had the best draft. In this years playoffs, the Lakers killed them inside. What they do to fix that? They go out and get big and strong Aldrich and Reid, to commend the long Pleiss in the post.

The Thunder not only added a player to their frontcourt but added depth. I'm very impressed with the Thunder.

Draft Grade: A+

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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