Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: New Orleans Hornets Draft Grade

New Orleans Hornets Draft Picks


Acquired through trade

Craig Brackins 6'11'' Power Forward

Craig Brackins is a great pro prospect that doesn't get enough credit for what he does. He is 6'10'' and has the ability to stretch the defense on offense. He has been blessed with a great shooting stroke that he shoots at high percentages.
His range can expand out to possibly 20 feet, and can get to as close as the NBA three point line with help.
Inside the paint he uses good footwork, rarely get's called for traveling and scores. His favorite move is the turn around jumper to his strong shoulder. But he can make tough shots off balance as he did plenty of times for Iowa State.
He has also been blessed with the vision of passing out of the double team and working as the guard of the offense. Meaning he never get's rattled by tight situations, he keeps composure and stays alert to kick it out to a teammate.
He shows some leadership qualities playing for Iowa State as he brought them to some close bouts with fierce competitors.
Along with that he is a average rebounder. He can pull down rebounds on both ends of the court. Not to mention he is an athletic big man that can run the floor and finish in transition.
Brackins can be a draft steal down the road, he just needs to stay consistent, add bulk to his frame and get more defensive.
Quincy Pondexter 6'7'' Small Forward

IQuincy Pondexter is a 6'7'' small forward that is just as good as any player in the draft.
Pondexter has long arms and a physical NBA body. He will excel at the next level due to his frame. He has a high motor and looks to outwork the defender every play.
He is very comfortable working out of the mid-range game. That's where he can go to his jump shot or rely on his post up game.
His first step is very quick and long so it doesn't take many dribbles to get into the paint. When the slasher he uses great hesitation moves to knock the defender out of his defensive sets.
He is very good in transition and runs the court well, or he can start the break with his defensive intensity. He runs the lanes very well and finishes relatively strong at the rim.
Pondexter is a ball hawk. When the ball is coming off the rim you can all ready guess who is attacking the glass.


The Hornets get a post player that can spread the floor and shoot jumpers. Not only that, but a wing player that excels in the mid-range. 
Chris Paul got more weapons in New Orleans and will be back on top with the nucleus of young players

Draft Grade: B+

Written By DeAnte Mitchell

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