Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: New Jersey Nets Draft Grade

New Jersey Nets Draft Picks

Derrick Favors 6'10'' Power Forward

Derrick Favors name has been in the draft since he was a high schooler.
Everybody loves a project and that's exactly what Favors' is. Favors is a 6'10", 250-pound power forward, which is a NBA body.
Around the hoop he displays soft hands in the post, which are essential. Not only that but soft touch as well. He has quick moves in the post which he uses to fight off the defender and score.
Not to mention, he finishes well with contact and strong around the basket.
He is not just all about Favors' either; he is very unselfish on offense. Sometimes looking to set up his teammates rather than attacking the defense.
His activity level allows him to play strong throughout the whole game. That benefits well on the defensive side of the ball. He has great defensive intensity, fundamental and just the all-around defensive feel.
He has a huge upside and he is very young for the class. His skills are still very raw but give him a couple of years and he'll transform into a great NBA player.
Acquired off trades

Damion James 6'8'' Small Forward

Damion James the 6'7'' 225 pound senior out of Texas.
James is a very mysterious forwards and he brings a lot to the table. He is very quick, sometimes displaying guard-like speed in the open court. He can get behind defenders in transition for an alley-oop slam.
His offensive mindset is simple: score. That is his main goal on offense, but he is not selfish. He does have average vision that he uses to set his teammates up.
His first step is quick and he gets into the lane at will. When driving in traffic he stays strong with the ball and finish well around the rim.
His long body allows him to get after offensive and defensive rebounds.
On the defensive side of the ball, he displays good defensive fundamentals and smarts to excel. He uses his length to knock the opposition out of their offensive sets and displays the ability to jump passing lanes and become a weak side shot blocker.


The Nets need all the help they can get. They flirted with the worst record in the league last year and need big time players in the draft. 

They drafted Derrick Favors, the prospect with the most upside of any prospect. Him and Brook Lopez in the post area together will be a big problem.

Also, adding Damion James to the wing is great. You get a hard worker that is consistently moving on the court. James will be the garbage guy that gets after it on every possession. 

Draft Grade: B+

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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