Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: New Jersey Don't Be Silly, Draft Derrick Favors No. 3 Overall

The 2010 NBA Draft is just one day away. The trades are starting to flood in, and the draft speculation has grown more than ever.

Over this past month, it has always been John Wall and Evan Turner as the first and second pick. In just about every mock draft I've seen, Derrick Favors was right there at third.

However, the Nets have shocked a lot of us and are now showing a lot of interest in former Syracuse star Wesley Johnson.

Not to mention, their new coach Avery Johnson is a big fan of DeMarcus Cousins'.

They are not trying to wait on Favors' potential to be reached. That is most likely the reason why they turned their heads to Wesley Johnson and DeMarcus Cousins.

They've expressed interest in possibly landing a marquee forward in the free-agency which puts Wesley Johnson as the front-runner at No. 3.

This is not a smart move at all. The Nets had the worst record in the league and flirted with the worst record in NBA history for most of the season.

The main problem with the Nets is lack of leadership. Harris was sidelined with injuries throughout the season, and the Nets problems started from there.

Now this is not smart at all if you're the Nets. Look at their current roster; they have Courtney Lee, and Terrence Williams. Each of those players is under the age of 24, and still growing as players.

So why would you go off and draft yet another wing player when you have two very good ones?

The average height for the Nets is 6'7''. Something tells me that will not going to win them games next season.

With the exception of Brook Lopez, there are no legit players in the frontcourt. Everybody else would be considered role players at the best.

So why wouldn't you spark the post? Derrick Favors is a project and will take time to develop, but the Nets are a team that isn’t two or three guys away from being good. There whole roster needs help, and Favors is the guy for that. 

Johnson will just stuff the wing-position. So Mikhail Prokhorov, don't make the same mistake as other GM's, draft the talented Favors and call it day.

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