Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Minnesota Timberwolves Draft Grade

Minnesota Timberwolves Draft Picks

Wesley Johnson 6'7'' Small Forward

Wesley Johnson, the 6'7'' wingman with the old school flow. Although he is 6'7'' he has one of the better wingspan of a player his size; expands out to seven plus feet.
With that, you understand he is a very defensive forward. He has the ability to be a good on-ball and off the ball defender at the next level. His speed, awareness, and long wingspan allows him to be a weak side shot blocker as well.
His leaping ability and wingspan also solidifies him as a consistent rebounder. He can jump and track down the ball very well for his position.
On the offensive side of the ball, if you need a shooting threat on the wing, Johnson is your man. At Syracuse many witnessed Johnson spotting up for a lot of jump shots and hitting them consistently.
His shot ranges to the NBA line but the mid-range game is where he excels. He needs to work on his one-on-one attack more, but overall Wesley Johnson is a great prospect.

Paulo Prestes 6'10'' Center
He has a big NBA ready body with a long wingspan. He will a size advantage over most centers in the league and can overpower them with his strength.
Big time rebounder with the ability to crash the boards on both ends.

Acquired from trades

Lazar Hayward 6'6'' Small Forward

Hayward is a very versatile forward. When he played for Marquette he wasn't a three, he was at the four position. He is very small to be playing power forward, but he does have some go to post moves.

Not to mention, he does have a 7-feet plus wingspan.

Hayward can influence the game on the boards, offense, and defense.

Nemanja Bjelica 6'10'' Small Forward

He is a big time athlete that can play a lot of positions. He has great vision, passing skills and likes to create shots for others. He can also create the shot for himself. 

He has an NBA ready jump shot and likes to drive the ball inside and score at will.


The T'Wolves has a lot of talent across the board. They fixed just about everything wrong with their roster and should make a big splash next season.

They added wing threats, and post threats. What more can you ask for? 

Draft Grade: A

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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