Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Milwaukee Bucks Draft Grade

Milwaukee Bucks Draft Picks

Larry Sanders 6'10'' Power Forward 

Sander is equipped with a tremendous 7'6'' wingspan.

He influences the game defensively because of his length. He can block and alter shots, as well as keep the defender in front of him.

He will have the chance to change the mentality of a team. On numerous occasions, I watched Sanders take the physicality out of a team because of his shot blocking ability.

His length also allows him to snatch down a lot of rebounds as well as throwing down a lot of dunks or alley-oops.

On offense, his game needs to improve a lot. He is a back-to-basket type of guy that likes the turnaround jumpers or running hooks in the lane.

Not to mention his ability to step out and hit those mid-range jumpers.

Darington Hobson 6'6'' Small Forward

He is advertised as a small forward but is versatile enough to play three positions. He has excellent skill-set and a lot of room to improve.

He has one of those inside-out games. He likes to score off the dribble but can post up or shoot long range bombs.

On the glass, he is a terrific rebounder. He is always around the rim trying to clean-up or snatch the rebounds.

Tiny Gallon 6'10'' Power Forward

Gallon is a big strong defender with the potential to be great. He weighs in over 300 pounds which solidifies him as a monster in the paint.

He can use his body to seal defenders off in the paint and create space to score.

But that doesn't mean he is only a threat inside the paint. He can also step out the arc and hit mid-range jumpers and sometimes beyond that.

He is strong on the boards, and blessed with the ability to play fearsome defense.

Acquired off trades

Corey Maggette 6'6'' Small Forward

Jerome Jordan 7'1'' Center

Jordan has excellent size to play in the NBA. At 7'1'' he is a terror in the paint but can also step out and hit mid-range jumpers.

He is strong around the rim so he can give you a double-double on a consistent basis.

Jordan is very well conditioned and fatigue has never been a problem for him. He will have a productive career.


The Bucks improved every part of their roster. They got defensive-minded Larry Sanders in the first round and with him and Andrew Bogut in the frontcourt that could be a dominant duo.

Not to mention, grabbing wing players Magette and Hobson will benefit the offense and defense.

The Jamaican sensation pick was just phenomenal. This was a great pick for many of reasons; the Bucks needed a legit back-up center. They got a lot more in Jordan. He is a versatile player that you can place on any part of the offense. It will not matter if it's the four or five.

Draft Grade: B+

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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