Saturday, June 26, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Mikhail Torrance Best Talent Available

The 2010 NBA draft was good to a lot of prospects. Many of them fulfilled their dreams of becoming NBA stars, and the hard work paid off big time.

However, there were players that entered themselves in the draft that wasn't fortunate enough to have their name called.

Their hard work and commitment to the game went un-noticed.

That was the kind of night senior guard Mikhail Torrance had.

He was said to possibly go in the early-to-mid second round and after workouts the thought of going un-drafted was out of his head.

However, come draft night, were down to the last pick and the Suns select Dwayne Collins.

All the hard-work Torrance put in to raise his draft stock, the terrific shooting stroke he had at the combine, his amazing ball-handling skills or simply his demeanor; all went down the drain because of one event.

Torrance is probably the best player, besides Manny Harris, that wasn't drafted.

He is 6'5'' and has the ability to play both the point and shooting guard position. 

He is a leader and has a very good jump-shot.

The reason he goes undrafted? I don't know. 

However, Mikhail Torrance is the best un-signed rookie prospect that will make others pay for not giving him a chance--assuming he is invited to play on a Summer League team.

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