Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Miami Heat Draft Grade

Miami Heat Draft Picks

Dexter Pittman 6'11'' Center

Dexter Pittman is a true basketball player. He came onto the Texas campus over-weight. After the coach told him he had to drop weight in order to play he got the weight off and was able to play.

He is a tremendous worker, with a very good work-ethic.

He has quick feet in the post, very defensive and can get after it on the defensive end.

Pittman is a guy that likes to play above the rim. He can throw down a lot of dunks and his large frame helps him do just that.

He seals defenders off on the glass, and goes up strong with vicious dunks.

He is also very strong on the offensive glass. The main concern is fatigue. But he has a great work-ethic so I believe he will work at that and become a huge draft steal.

Jarvis Varnado 6'9'' Power Forward

Varnado is a big time defensive stopper. He stayed in college all four years and was able to break the all-time NCAA blocks record. On top of that, he did it in a touch SEC conference that produces some of the best NBA talent.

Varnado is a great project. He isn't offensively polished but can score the ball off of alley-oops and put-backs.

De'Sean Butler 6'7'' Small Forward

Butler is a great scorer in the mid-range game. He is very effective with the ball in his hands going off a screen or in a catch in shoot situation.

He moves very well without the ball, and follows shots. He is an absolute vacuum on the offensive glass. He is always around the rim trying to get the rebounds and put-backs. A fierce competitor and huge draft steal. If it wasn't for the injury he suffered in the NCAA tournament, he would have been a lock in the first round.


Miami did a great job of pulling in some recruits that can help right away. With Jermaine O'neal leaving the Heat got a player that is similar in Jarvis Varnado but a lot more defensive.

To fill the wing void's that Michael Beasley have yet to prove, you bring in Butler. Butler is a fierce competitor that plays on both ends of the floor. He is committed to playing defense, just as much as offense.

Dexter Pittman is exactly the pick Miami needed. Pittman is huge inside and will work well in the pick-and-roll situations. He has soft hands around the rim and explosive leaping ability. He throws down a lot of dunks and once he gets a chance, he will be a big time player for the Heat.

Draft Grade: B

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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