Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Los Angeles Lakers Draft Grade

Los Angeles Lakers Draft Picks

Devin Ebanks 6'7'' Small Forward

Devin Ebanks, the electrifying sophomore out of West Virginia.
He is listed at 6'7'' but his incredulous wingspan and long body allows him to play much bigger than that.
With his long body comes an old-school flow. He's kind of like a Paul Pierce type of player when he was young. Ebanks is deadly with his mid-range jumper, on the spot up or off the pick.
Even after the mid-range game, he has the ability to get into the paint and finish in a variety of ways. Sometimes he will post you up and use a few fakes before shooting over you. Or he will get the ball in the lane and float it over the defense.
He displays good ball-handling skills and likes to stay aggressive with his attack.
On the defensive end, Ebanks' wingspan allows him to snatch down a lot of rebounds. He has a natural feel for rebounding the ball, that is why he does it so proficiently.
Derrick Caracter 6'9'' Power Forward
Caracter is a great NBA ready player. He has great size, and uses it to advantage in the post. 
He is a big time rebounding forward, with the ability to lock down on defense. 
On offense, he displays soft hands in the post while catching the entry pass, and loves to dunk the basketball. He can throw it down but if he can't he doesn't mind laying it up for the deuce.
The Lakers don't really need much but stability in the front court. They got just that, and this pick may show that Josh Powell will be a free-agent.
Draft Grade: C+

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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