Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Indiana Pacers Draft Grade

Indiana Pacers Draft Picks

Paul George 6'9'' Small Forward

Paul George is going to be the best draft steal when it's all said and done.
He is listed at 6'7'' 185 pounds with the leaping ability of a very special player. Remember when Vince Carter put his arm in the rim and people could not stop talking about the dunk? Well I not only witnessed Paul George do that dunk, but I’ve also witnessed countless windmills and 360s.
Along with his great leaping ability comes a very productive jump shot. George shoots the ball with a high arc and it's very proficient. He can shoot over most players contest and still knock down the jumper.
He stretches the floor on offense. The range on his jump shot can expand to the NBA three-point line, but it's more about him expanding it to stay consistent.
Enough with his jumper, his offensive attack also has to do with his aggression. He has the good ball-handling skills, and decent speed that allows him to penetrate the lane.
He also uses his speed well on the defensive end. He has the lateral quickness and length needed to throw the opposition off its offensive sets.

Lance Stephenson 6'5'' Shooting Guard
Lance Stephenson could have definitely be a lottery pick this year, and if he would have stayed probably would have been a lock for the top ten in next year’s draft.
At the age of 19 he has a very physical NBA body at 6’5’’ 210 pounds.
He has a natural feel for scoring the basketball. Doesn’t have the elite handles—something he needs to improve—but he can still get the ball in the lane consistently.
He has a very quick first step when driving to the lane, and leaves his defender trailing. Has a good change of pace dribble so it’s nothing for him to split the double-team.
His physical body allows him to finish well around the rim, and knows when to use his strength when attacking the basket. With that he gets a lot of foul calls.
He displays some good defensive tactics, stand and mechanics. He can lock down on defenders at the next level if he is committed to playing defense.

Acquired off  trades

Magnum Rolle 6'10'' Power Forward
Rolle is a extremely agile forward. He has the ability to play the three but is more comfortable at the four. He is very long and has an amazing wingspan.
He cuts hard without the ball, always trying to get open and score the basketball. He loves the mid-range game and knocks jumpers down consistently.
Has the ability to block and alter shots with his length. Is a big time player that needs to add some bulk to his frame.


The Pacers corrected all of their offensive mistakes with every pick. Paul George is a big time athlete and him and Granger will make noise. 
In the paint, you have young, versatile talent that can run the court and play up-tempo. In my opinion, the Pacers draft was a success.

Draft Grade: A-

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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