Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Houston Rockets Draft Grade

Houston Rockets Draft Picks

Patrick Patterson 6'9'' Power Forward

Patrick Patterson is the leader of the post. The efficient prospect that does everything right and rarely makes a mistake.
Patterson was a part of that wonderful Kentucky squad this year coached by Calipari. In that one season, Coach Cal helped tweak Patterson game and he has turned into a lottery pick as the result.
Patterson is a 6'9'' 230 pound power forward. He displays soft touch and soft hands around the rim.
He is the back to the basket kind of guy. He has an arsenal of post moves but his favorite would have to be his jump hook. He gets it off with ease and shoots a high percentage.
Although he does take it into the lane and can finish strong around the rim.
He thrives in transition. Playing at Kentucky kept him well conditioned and now he has the ability to run the lanes and finish the play off.
His jump shot is really picking up. He expanded it out to the mid-range I even got the chance to witness him hit a college three point jump shot in a clutch situation.
He has a very huge wingspan and with that he tracks down a lot of boards. His upper body strength also allows him to strip the ball away from the defender in mid-air to steal the rebound.
He is very smart, and determined. His work ethic will allow him to transform himself to an all around player at the next level.


The Houston Rockets may be accepting that Luis Scola is not returning to the team. That why you draft Patterson here. However, I would of like to see them get more size because their frontcourt is still undersized.

Draft Grade: B-

Written by DeAnte Mitchell
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