Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Golden State Warriors Draft Grade

Golden State Draft Pick

Ekpe Udoh was the spark to Baylor's frontcourt this season. Anything you wanted in a defensive forward Udoh did it.
He was very defensive at Baylor. Regardless the size Udoh was the spark you needed in your post. One-on-one Udoh slides his feet well in the post and keeps his defender in front him.
He has great shot-blocking skills. He alters’ attempts and he rarely let's anything come into the post easy. His timing and instincts on defense only makes him a greater defensive presence. His 6'10'', 240-pound frame will help this translate well into the NBA.
Not to mention, he has a 7'5" wingspan which allows him to challenge big men at the next level.
On offense, his game isn't that advanced. He displays good footwork with his post work but it still needs to be improved. He does have the ability to face up on the defender and attack the basket.
By the way, he plays above the rim.
He can also work outside the paint. He can hit those mid-range and turnaround jumpers outside the post area.
In the pros he will most likely played at both the forward and center position which shows you how versatile he can be.


The Warriors needed size in their frontcourt and that's what they got. Udoh is a great prospect with the ability to be big time at the next level. He can step outside and hit jumpers, as well as work his way inside and create a mix-match.

Draft Grade: B

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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