Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Detroit Pistons Draft Grade

Detroit Pistons Draft Pick(s)

Greg Monroe 6'11'' Power Forward

Greg Monroe is a very versatile player in the post. He has excellent skill-level and will be a great pro in this league.

He executes offensively. Monroe can post up or get outside and shoot the jumper. I've witnessed him pulling up three-pointers at times and making them.

He has the ability to finish around the rim with either his right or left hand. 

Most importantly, he is a very passive big. Many people look at that as a red-flag but having a facilitator in the post isn't as bad as they make it seem.

Fighting a double-team they'll need a guy that has superior vision--better than most point guards in this draft--and passing ability.

Monroe is the most complete player in my mind and he'll make sure the teams that passed on him remember the name.

Terrico White 6'4'' Combo Guard

Terrico White is a 6'4'' combo guard that can score at will. He can play point guard and will most likely play that with the Pistons. 

He has the ability to stretch the floor with a pure jump shot. Not to mention, his ability to drive the lane and throw down some vicious slams. 

White will thrive in the Pistons system because he is a much underrated defender. Not many people talk about his ability to defend point and shooting guards. 

He has also showcased his ability to score off the pick-and-roll and pick-and-pop. Two of the most ran plays in the Pistons offense.


The Pistons had one of the best drafts. They needed size in the frontcourt, so Dumars goes out and gets the best forward available in Greg Monroe. 

Monroe the 6'11'' forward will not only add size to the frontline, but also versatility. He will not always be inside the paint and fit inside the offense kind of like Rasheed Wallace did when he was in Detroit.

Although, they really didn't need another guard but Terrico White gives them stability at the point. During the draft combine, when teams brought him in he played most of the point guard position. He was working on his pick-and-roll and jump shooting ability. 

This shows you how much work White is putting into becoming a point guard at the next level.

The Pistons had a wonderful draft, and only added to their loaded and talented roster. It wouldn't be a total surprise to see the Pistons overtake the Celtics in the East.

Draft Grade: A-

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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