Thursday, June 24, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Boston Celtics Draft Grade

The Boston Celtics draft picks

Avery Bradley 6'3'' Shooting Guard

Avery Bradley is a great explosive player that can score in many ways. Many people question his true position in the NBA because of his lack of size. 

However, I don't see him changing his game because of it and he still scores the basketball at will.

Bradley is very under-sized but he did have one of the biggest vertical jumps for any player in this draft. That would explain his great leaping ability. 

He can shoot the ball lights-out. Whether it's off the catch-and-shoot or pick and pop. Kind of what Ray Allen was to the Celtics, but Bradley will need to stay consistent with his jumper before his fills his shoes.

Luke Harangody 6'8'' Power Forward

For some reason I believe the Celtics like under-sized four-men. Harangody the Big East player of the Year, and the most productive player in the Big East was taken late in the second round of the draft. He is a complete vacuum on the boards, and can rip them down consistently.

Not only that, Harangody has expanded his jump shot out to the three-point arc in the NBA. 

He is more like a three, but with the lack of size and quickness he will play the four. But he will present a mix-match for defenders at the next level.


It seems like the Celtics wanted to go after the most offensive guys in the draft. They came in needing players to play behind Rajon Rondo at the point, and a guy to fill in for Ray Allen at the two. Their biggest need was center and they completely ignored that in the draft. 

Kendrick Perkins knee injury in the Finals is going to affect them come next season and he may not be ready to start once it begins.

Meaning you have to put Glen Davis or Luke Harangody in the four position and play Kevin Garnett at the five.

Boston made good selections with their draft picks but they didn't draft for player needs.

Grade: C

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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