Thursday, June 24, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Atlanta Hawks Draft Grade

The Atlanta Hawks draft picks

Pape Sy 6'7'' Shooting Guard

Pape Sy is a very versailte player. He kind of reminds me of No. 2 overall pick Evan Turner. He can play the one, two or three respectively. Not to mention, he can also defend those three positions as well. A long athlete that will surpass Marvin Williams on their current roster.

Jordan Crawford 6'4'' Shooting Guard

Crawford is a big-time scoring guard. He can play at the one if needed, but is more of a shooter.

He has unlimited range on his jump shot--just ask Kansas State--and can be a very aggressive athlete by taking it to the rim and finishing with contact.

I'm sure you've heard about his leaping ability and how he dunked on LeBron James.


The Hawks did a poor-job of adding to their roster. They needed to add size on their frontcourt but was unable to that in this draft. Pape Sy and Jordan Crawford is a good addition to the wing position but beside that pick they traded away Damion James to New Jersey.

Grade: C-

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