Saturday, June 26, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: All-2010 NBA Draft Underrated Team

There were great players in the 2010 NBA draft. Some of the great players go un-noticed because they're over-shadowed by the big time prospects.

It's not common for scouts to overlook the player’s success factor in the NBA.

Some people are already trying to put together "NBA Bust" list and the rookies haven't played a game yet.

You want to know who the most underrated players are in the 2010 NBA draft. I'll let you know.

PG - Grevis Vasquez 6'6'' Grizzlies

Vasquez in my mind was the biggest draft steal in the first round--correct me if I'm wrong.

He has great size for an NBA point guard. Now let's mix that with the vision and passing skills and you have yourself a complete point guard.

He is a solid rebounder from the guard position, and despite his lack of muscle, he will be able to get into the opposition at the next level.

SG - Willie Warren 6'4'' Clippers

Warren was said to be a possible lottery pick before the season even started. Heck, he could have came out the year before and been a definite first round selection. 

However, his choice to stay, came back to haunt him. He was drafted very late in the second round, so something had to be wrong with him game right? Wrong!

Warren really didn't change over the course of the season, just bad injuries and less court action chipped away his draft stock. He can still shoot the ball, although his shot selection can be questionable, and beat defenders off the dribble.

Playing behind a guy like Baron Davis in Los Angeles is going to pay off in the long run. Something tells me you're going to be hearing a lot about Warren pretty soon.

SF - Gordon Hayward 6'9'' Jazz

When the Jazz made the selection of Hayward with the No. 9 pick in the draft, people immediately starting saying he was a bust.

"Oh, they're drafting him because of his shooting but he shot poorly in college." "He isn't strong." Those are some of the things I'm hearing about Hayward.

However, I am a huge K-State fan, and last time I didn't believe he was the real deal, he made me look crazy.

Hayward lit up this gym in both the elite eight and sweet sixteen match-ups. He has ball-handling skills and will be a productive shooter on the wing.

Keep doubting Hayward, and you're going to wind up wishing you didn't.

PF - Ryan Richards 6'11'' Spurs

After an impressive NBA Draft combine, Richards was still selected very late in the second round.

He is a big that is versatile in the post. He can step out and hit mid-range jumpers. Or he can stay inside and make fade-aways or running hooks.

Not to mention, he has the ability to clean the boards and run in transition. He is 6'11'' with the ability to alter and block shots as well as any player in the draft.

C - Hassan Whiteside 7'0'' Kings

Whiteside was once thought of as a lottery pick in the draft. He has terrific size, an almost unreal wingspan which is 7'7''. 

He likes to intimidate in the paint. He wants’ to own the paint and you can tell by the way he blocks and alters shots. 

His defense is better than any other prospect in the draft. 

He broke his school record for blocks and the season wasn't even three-fourths of being over with.

His offensive skill-set is still raw, but he can step outside a hit jumpers.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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