Saturday, June 26, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: The All-2010 NBA Draft Team

The 2010 NBA draft is now behind us, and some people are starting to make observations of the biggest night in college and professional basketball.

The NBA draft was very deep in terms of talent, but outside of the lottery picks all I see is solid contributors. 

With that said, here is my All-2010 NBA Draft Team

PG - John Wall 6'4'' Washington Wizards

Who else did you think you were getting here? John Wall has the most upside of any player in this draft and will be a great pro.

He is very long and has the ability to use that length on defense. Wall comes in as the face of the franchise and will take on the challenge of being the leader of an NBA team.

Down the road, John Wall will prove to be the best player in this year’s draft.

SG - Evan Turner 6'7'' Philadelphia 76ers

Turner was the best player in this draft. He is 6'7'' and because of his skill-set, he can play three positions on the court.

He has elite ball-handling skills and drives into the paint at will. Not to mention, his ability to finish around the basket or pull up for the mid-range jumper.

Turner is just an all-around talent that you want to have. He attacks the glass on both ends of the floor. He is a solid defender, and he makes his teammates better.

If this isn't the guy you want on your team, I don't think you're a real basketball fan.

SF - Wesley Johnson 6'8'' Minnesota Timberwolves

I don't know how he is going to be set up with the T'Wolves, considering they acquired more two more small forwards in the draft. Despite that, Johnson is a great player. 

Johnson is 6'8'' but has the ability to guard out of position because of his lateral quickness and length.

With that comes a very offensive player as well. Under Boehim's system we weren't able to see a full arsenal of Johnson's moves but once he gets to showcase his skills we'll all know just how good he is.

Dick Vitale has pegged him as the Rookie of the Year--although, I don't think he will be that good.

PF - DeMarcus Cousins 6'11'' Sacramento Kings

Cousins' is the total package. Because of his so called "attitude-problems" teams passed on him and the Kings cashed in.

Cousins at 6'11'' is an extraordinary athlete. He can play at different speeds, beat defenders off the dribble, shoot the three; it's just a lot of things he does that you don't expect from a player 6-foot-11.

To add to that, he is a monster in the paint and likes to use his strength to overpower players. Not to mention, he does have the ability to play defense and if he is committed he will be a monster.  

You think John Wall is good, wait to you see Cousins at his full potential.

C - Cole Aldrich 6'10'' Oklahoma City Thunder

Aldrich is the most complete center that was drafted. 

He brings defensive intensity to the post that lacks it. He brings amazing size, and the ability to alter and block shots. Not to mention, he will be a nice addition to the pick-and-roll game.

He is very long and can score outside the paint if needed. At Kansas, you didn't witness much of this because he wasn't as aggressive as he should have been. 

But once he gets to the pros you'll witness his jump shot--it's ugly, but goes in--and his ability to score with an array of post moves in the paint. 

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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