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Collegiate Hoops: Clemson Tigers 2010-11'' Season Preview

Clemson Tigers

2009-10 Record: 21-11
2009-10 ACC Record: 9-7

The Clemson Tigers were poised as one of the top teams in the ACC.

They had a beast inside with, Trevor Booker and an junior guard that could play like a senior.

They were able to turn their regular season success into a NCAA tournament bid. Although, they were knocked out by the Missouri Tigers in the first round.

But that still gave Tiger fans something to hold on to heading into next season.

Key Returnees:

They returned almost their whole roster that made it to the NCAA tournament. There biggest returnee is senior-to-be Demontez Stitt. He is a big time player and balanced out the Tigers attack last season.

He averaged a 11.4 points, 3.2 assist, and 2.7 rebounds. 

With a much bigger role in the offense, he'll improve those numbers.

Also they brought back Tanner Smith and Jerai Grant. Both of these player will need to step up and help Stitt in the offense.

Key Departures:

Trevor Booker was the key to the success. He was big time in the post area and they will definitely miss him down on the low-block.

They also didn't bring back David Potter who score seven points and got into the passing lanes.

You can start saying that the Clemson Tigers have officially moved into the post-Booker stage.

Losing a player that was the face of you college program isn't easy. Not to mention, losing a role player like Potter will show it's dividends next season.

Key Additions:

The Tigers didn't recruit a lot and only brought in one player. Cory Stanton the 5-foot-11 guard from Springfield, Tennessee.

He is undersized but he bring another dimension to the offense. He is blazing quick on the basketball court. 

He has the ability to dictate the defense, while running circles around the defense.

He is a good fit for the Tigers. He bring aggressiveness, and the ability to create on offense to a team that needs it the most.

He will most likely either start at the point guard position, or come off the bench.


The Tigers lost the face of their college basketball program but they are still loaded with talent. They will prove to the whole ACC that they can contend without Booker.

They will still be undersized all-around the court but posses the speed and quickness that will give defenders headaches.

Clemson is out to show everybody that in the post-Booker era, they can still contend in the ACC.

I don't see a truly dominating performance from the Tigers next season but they will keep up with the teams in the ACC. I foresee them finishing where they did last year, or possibly a few spots below.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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Collegiate Hoops: Boston College 2010-11'' Season Preview

Boston College Eagles

2009-10 Record: 15-16
2009-10 ACC Record: 6-10

The Boston College Eagles underachieved this year. Statistically speaking, they weren't able to put enough points up on the board to win ball games.

Not to mention, they participated in a lot of games that could have went there way and improved their conference or overall record.

On top of that, outside of their main contributors came no bench production

This upcoming season should not peaceful if you're a Boston College fan.

Key Returnees:

The Boston College Eagles returned three of their top scorers from last season.

With the inside-out duo of Reggie Jackson and Joe Trapani, I can foresee a great run this season. 

The Eagles brought back leadership, rebounding, and scoring. Corey Raji needs to be a big time player next season. 

Raji has the ability to get you scoring on the block as well as rebounding the ball on both ends of the court. Raji will be the x-factor. The Eagles will need his all-around production to succeed.

Key Departures:

The Eagles lost a lot this season. They lost Tyler Roche the 6-foot-7 forward that gave them 7.2 points and 2.4 rebounds per game.

This wasn't a huge loss, but the lack of production off the bench makes this big.

Also, during the off-season forward Evan Ravenel decided his Boston College career was over and transferred to the Ohio State Buckeyes'.

This once again, is a big move because of bench production. He didn't get a lot of minutes but was still able to impress some with his potential in the post.

These two aren't huge losses, but they do hurt the Eagles bench production.

However, Rakim Sanders and Brady Heslip decided to transfer because of new coach Steve Donahue.

This is a huge loss for the Eagles. Sanders was one of their big time players on the block. He grabbed rebounds consistently and scored.

The lost of a superstar player like Sanders puts a major dent in the frontcourt for the Eagles. 

Key Additions:

The Boston College Eagles need some production off the bench. During last season they were unable to get consistent scoring and rebounding off the bench, which resulted in such a bad record.

However, the Eagles did not go out and recruit any players. They still have holes to fill on the offense and the outlook is not looking so good.


A lot of ACC teams are starting to load their roster. You have Harrison Barnes at North Carolina. 

Duke has a great deal of talent and has a chance to repeat. However, I can't still see the Eagles finishing in the top half of the ACC.

With no recruits, the Eagles are facing the same problem as they did last year--but worst. They are losing three key contributors and a great player in the frontcourt. To fix that, they're not adding any new young talent.

The Eagles season looked to be bright before all the transferred happened and now they are in a sticky situation.

They might share a similar season as last, but making a 500-record will be the best they can do.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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2010 NBA Draft: Latest News on Un-Drafted Prospects

You seen a lot of smiles coming from the 2010 NBA draft. However, you seen a lot of frown afterwards for the players that was unable to be selected during the draft.

Now that the Summer League teams are forming, those un-drafted prospects are starting to get calls from NBA teams.

Here is the latest news on the un-drafted prospects

Sherron Collins 

Collins is an under-sized point guard that didn't hear his name on draft day for numerous reasons. Many question his work ethic because he seemed to be out of shape a lot at Kansas. He also went on poor shooting stretches.

However, the Bobcats have over-looked that and invited him to play on their summer league team.

Denis Clemente

Clemente, the electrifying point guard from Kansas State. Many questioned his true ability because he was previously unknown before this year.

Similar to Collins, he was sent an invite to join the Bobcats Summer League team as well.

Scotty Reynolds

It was an overall bad season for the senior. If he would have came out his freshman year, he would have been a lottery or mid-first round pick. However, he stayed and many say a lot of his flaws on offense.

He is the first All-American to not get drafted.

However, the 6-foot-1 guard landed a spot on the Phoenix Suns summer league team.

Brian Zoubek

Zoubek was what the Lakers needed with their second round pick. However, after seeing De'Sean Butler and Devin Ebanks fall to them, they went another way.

Zoubek is proably one of the most underrated prospects in the 2010 NBA draft.

The Nets brought him in to play on their summer team to try him out.

Charles Garcia

Throughout the college basketball season, Garcia could have been a first-rounder. However, inconsistency bumped him all the way to the second. 

I don't think nobody expected him to go undrafted. But he did and he is know going to have to prove himself on the Knicks summer team.

Samardo Samuels

Samuels had too many flaws to ever be considered as a sure draft pick. He is 6-foot-8 with no freakish length or upside.

He was still invited to play on the Chicago Bulls Summer League team.

Manny Harris

If I would have told you that Harris would go undrafted, would you believe me? Harris is a big-time scorer and the main thing about him would be his position at the next level.

He was invited to play for the Cavaliers Summer League Team

Other notable summer league invites

Jerome Dyson - Cleveland Cavaliers
Jon Scheyer - Washington Wizards
Mikhail Torrance - Miami Heat

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2010 NBA Draft: Two Un-Drafted Prospects Find Their Homes

The title may be a little misleading because they still have to make the team. However, two point guards were the first to be invited to play on a NBA summer team.

Those two players are Duke's Jon Scheyer and UConn's Jerome Dyson.

Neither of the two was really promised to be drafted. Each have the ability to run the point but there are still question marks.

Dyson was announced to participate on the Cleveland Cavaliers summer team. 

On the other hand, Scheyer is going to D.C with John Wall and the Wizards.

Dyson seems to be in a situation where he could possibly make the roster. He is coming to a team that doesn't really need a point guard because of the services of LeBron James--that's assuming he stays.

He could come right in and play the role Mo Williams and Delonte West failed to play. 

He is very aggressive and has the ability to score the ball at will. 

He reminds me a lot of Phoenix Suns guard Leandro Barbosa. Neither player gets lift on their jump shot and both stand 6-foot-3. Not to mention, neither was looked on to be much of a threat in the NBA.

Barbosa proved he can be an under-sized shooting guard, can Dyson? We'll find out shortly.

As for Scheyer, he is also put into a place where he can make the roster. He is 6'5'' and has the ability to play either position.

He can come into Washington as a shooting guard and provide three-point shooting from the wing.

Not only that, when Wall is out he has the ability to run the offense. He sees the court well and get's his teammates involved on the offensive side of the ball.

Scheyer and Dyson are both placed in situations where they might make the roster.

More un-signed talent is one the way.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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Mikhail Torrance To Play For The Miami Heat Summer League Team

It's not always promised that you will hear your name on draft night. 

Some players have to wish their name is called and Mikhail Torrance had to do just that.

He is 6-foot-5 and thought of as a combo-guard. 

Despite the good workouts and great shooting, nobody really saw him as a draft prospect. At best, he could make it in the second round and get chosen by the Pacers.

Unfortunately for him, they were all right and he was given the cold shoulder. 

Throughout the 60-picks, he went without hearing his name even spoke of. He thought he went un-drafted because of his heart condition.

They may play a factor, but a lot of teams really don't see the potential in the guard.

However, the Miami Heat has given the combo-guard a chance to prove himself. He is going to be set up in a perfect situation. 

The Heat is most likely going to place him at the point guard position. He will be playing beside Dwyane Wade and other free-agents that could come to Miami this off-season.

In my opinion, Torrance was the best player snubbed on draft night. This could go down as one of the better un-drafted players in NBA history.

Watch out for Torrance and the Heat. 

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

College Basketball: Five Teams with Something To Prove in 2010

Last College Basketball season was anything but predictable. Butler started the year off inside the Top 25 but seriously, nobody gave it a chance to even compete in the National Championship.

Everybody thought that Kansas, Kentucky, or maybe even Texas could be the teams competing for a National Championship, but each team failed to make it as far as the Final Four, some the Elite Eight, or some were out in the second round.
This year I think it'll be no different. There will be the projected picks that don't make it to the Championship game but still improve their team’s identity. The teams that made the most significant moves this college basketball offseason should be the ones on top.
However there are always those teams that need improvement. Those teams that have had bad seasons and everyone are counting them off. Or possibly in most scenarios, they’ve lost a player or players to the NBA draft and left a huge hole for improvement. In no particular order, here are the teams that have something to prove next season.
Duke Blue Devils

The Duke Blue Devils will most likely go into the college basketball season with the No. 1 ranking. Their team has repeat written all over it. With Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler as the returning stars from last year, Coach K brought in Kyrie Irving and Seth Curry also to help out the cause for a repeat.
This team is set and should not have a problem this upcoming basketball season. That still doesn't mean they do not have anything to prove.
The Blue Devils have that No. 1 tag on them at the beginning of the season. Many teams like to give their all when playing a team of their caliber to possibly be hoisted into the nation’s spotlight.
Last year they had a defensive presence in Zoubek and consistent three-point shooting from the point guard position with Jon Scheyer. The real question will be how much will they miss both of these contributions?
Kentucky Wildcats

Just last year Kentucky had the best freshman class anybody had seen in a long time.

This year, each one of them is gone and on to the NBA Draft. They left a huge but manageable problem for Coach Calipari. Calipari didn't get the recruiting class everybody envisioned but he did nab some key recruits that will help out his cause this year.
Coming from a Calipari team, you wouldn't think they had anything to prove. However, not many people are giving them a chance since their prospective starting five is all freshmen.
Kentucky has to come in and show the basketball world that they're ready for the challenges; freshmen or not.

Kansas Jayhawks 

Okay consider this: The Jayhawks were the No. 1 overall squad last year mostly due to the All-Americans Cole Aldrich and Sherron Collins. And you cannot forget about the X-factor Xavier Henry.
Now each of them is gone and to fill some needs they added No. 1 overall player Josh Selby.

With a relatively weaker recruiting class, considering what Kansas lost, the Jayhawks now have to prove that they're once again a great squad.
Oh yeah, Josh Selby also broke his hand.
Ohio State Buckeyes' 

Losing the No. 1 player isn't easy, just ask Ohio State. This year when the Buckeyes lost Evan Turner, they were horrible. They went to 0-2 in the conference, and you could tell they needed Evan Turner bad.
Well this year they have permanently lost him. He is gone to the NBA and now the Buckeyes have huge shoes to fill.
Evan Turner was Mr. Everything for the Buckeyes and that kind of contribution is rare to have in the college game.
The recruiting class they have put together and the nucleus of players that has returned lead me to think that the Buckeyes could be Top 10 material this year.
However, they still have to prove to the world that they can do without Evan Turner.

North Carolina Tarheels 

Did anybody expect such a poor season from North Carolina this year? Neither did I. But as the next season approaches, I'm getting a better feeling about the Tar Heels.
Before the twins decided to transfer, they were Top 10 material. However afterward I now push them slightly out. The twins weren't a big loss but it says something about the depth North Carolina has.
Now with Harrison Barnes and Larry Drew II, the Tar Heels have to prove that last season is behind them and they can overcome the adversity that is upon them. Everybody is expecting the Tar Heels to improve from last season, but many are expecting a Carmelo Anthony-like performance out of Harrison Barnes and he needs to prove himself worthy.
Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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Could Ray McCallum Be The Detroit Titans Stephen Curry?

Dating back to the 2006 College Basketball recruiting class, their was Stephen Curry. He was never a hot commodity out of high school because he was listed at 5-foot-9 his junior year.

However, at the end of his senior year you witnessed him blossom to 6-foot-2.

He wasn't heavily recruited, and to say that Davidson was the best team on the list of interested suitors, should give you an idea of how much people really overlooked him.

His main dream was to go to Virginia Tech like his dad Dell Curry but they didn't offer or actively recruit him.

But, he did say he liked the smaller school setting and it seemed to be a perfect fit for him.

Stephen Curry broke a lot of Davidson school records, while guiding the team to the NCAA Tournament. That's including an NCAA Elite Eight run.

Curry had been named an All-American, Sporting News Athlete of the Year, Southern Conference All-Freshman and more.

He brought Davidson into the National Spotlight.

Curry definitely made a name for himself, while starting a new trend in college basketball.

Curry is now on to his NBA career, and was selected seventh overall by the Golden State Warriors.

Now, I've come to a different situation that seems similar.

Ray McCallum, the McDonalds All-American point guard chose the Detroit Titans over Florida, Arizona and UCLA.

McCallum is a 6'1'' true point guard. He displays great vision and passing skills. He can create for others, but can also create for himself.

He isn't an aggressive scorer, but he gets the job done. He is an explosive point guard with leaping ability you usually see on much taller athletes. 

He can throw down dunks with the best of them.

McCallum is a big-time player that made big-time plays. When his team needs a bucket, you can rely on McCallum to step up and make the play.

He likes to penetrate the lane and finish strong around the rim. He is also equipped with the ability to stop-and-pop and hit long range three-pointers.

This sounds like some of the things we saw from Curry, while he was in college.

But different from Curry, he didn't come out of high school unknown. Though, he did choose the smaller setting where his dad coaches.

Similar to Curry, he is going into a situation where he will be the only superstar player on the team. He will have to create a name for the Titans, while establishing himself as a leader.

McCallum will be placed in a situation that is better than what Curry had at Davidson. 

The Titans have a young nucleus of talent, which also includes senior leadership. 

Last season the Titans were able to finish the season with 20 wins overall, and nine in Horizon Conference play.

The Titans return eight players, lost four but added All-American McCallum, Jordan Manuel, Frank Williams, Evan Bruinsma, Chris Blake, and Nick Minnerath.

They have a young group of players mixed with three soon-to-be seniors. This helps their chances of becoming contenders in the Horizon League.

Can Ray McCallum be the Titans Stephen Curry? I think he can. He has the perfect opportunity and the players all seem to work together fine.

As long as McCallum takes control of this offense from day one, the Titans will be the next Cinderella team dancing in March.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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