Saturday, February 20, 2010

2010 NBA Draft Early Analysis

With just four months left until the 2010 NBA Draft, the NBA scouts are on patrol and the mock drafts are starting to pile up. Why many have already predicted that this upcoming draft isn’t loaded with enough talent has become the question I ask myself.

There is at the least 15-20 players that can turn a franchise around, and every year there is always that player that surprises you.

The Nets, Wolves, Warriors, Kings, and Pacers are all in the mix to end with the five worst records in the NBA. However no team is ever locked to get the No. 1 overall pick. But in this case due to the Nets 25 percent chance to win the No. 1 pick they’re most likely going to lead the way and select John Wall.

Rising Stock:

Xavier Henry

I think Xavier Henry got a little tired of people doubting his play in the Big 12 conference games. The freshman has showed up to play in these past conference games.

Xavier Henry has gotten more aggressive with the ball. Henry has been penetrating in the lane and finishing strong at the rim.

Henry has gotten more confident with his shot. In the absence of Collins in the Texas A&M game, Henry took on the role and hit some key shots as well as key free throws to keep the Jayhawks the No. 1 team in the nation.

Greg Monroe

Greg Monroe has been in double-figures in points/rebounds in eight games, and has got it done with assist as well. Averages 15.7 points, 9.4 rebounds, and 3.6 assist per game. Very guard like abilities, and handles the ball pretty well when going to the rim. Has the ability to face up and knock down the jumper up to 20 feet.

Runs the court as well as any athletic big man, has very quick hands and great length. Has the wingspan of 7’2’’ and is very disruptive in the paint. If Monroe cannot come out to block the shot he has the ability to make you change your shot.

Very aggressive with the ball taking 6.2 free throws per game.

De’Sean Butler

Stayed at West Virginia all four years and was one of the best decisions for Butler. De’Sean has played very well for the Mountaineers improving in almost every statistic you can think of.

De’Sean is very dominant with his pretty mid-range stroke. Butler moves well without the ball, always working hard to get open. Butler follows his shots most of the time averaging 4.4 offensive rebounds his senior year.

Is most effective out of the catch-and shoot or off the dribble but given the chance he can penetrate the lane and finish at the rim. Butler has no problem with using his left hand and likes to operate out of the triple threat position.

Potential Bust

Armon Johnson

Many may not know about the 6’3’’ junior point guard from Nevada but I’m here to tell you this kid can play some basketball.

He has good size to play PG in the NBA. Along with the size he is very quick and athletic. Armon can make a case that he is the second quickest guard out of this draft class behind Kentucky’s John Wall. Can shoot the ball off the dribble and with his great lift on his shot his jumper is always pretty when it leaves his hand.

But it isn’t all about style. He does have the skills to be a good point guard but not great. Not to mention his leadership abilities is still a question.

When rattled he can get out of control. Has to improve his decision making and become more a floor general. No doubt, Armon is a great scorer but when you’re a point guard you need to be more of a vocal leader.

Dexter Pittman

I’m sure you’re probably thinking I’m crazy for mentioning Dexter Pittman in this category. That’s why I’m here to break this down for you.

Yes this is the same man that dropped 70 pounds to stay on the roster, shows you he works hard and is desired to keep his body at tip top shape.

But wait, can anyone tell me how many minutes Dexter Pittman has played on average this year? Dexter Pittman only average he has been on the court 19.3 minutes per game, which is a career high. Doesn’t really posses any go to moves in the post, usually over powers people and Pittman won’t be able to do that to NBA centers on a given night.

Dexter Pittman has the size and strength to play in the NBA. But if he doesn’t work on his weaknesses his is an early second round pick rather than selected in the first round.

Under the radar

Jerome Dyson

Jerome Dyson has the size to play shooting guard in the NBA at 6’4’’ and has the I.Q as well. Dyson is a great spot up shooter, with a lot of range. Has the ability to step away from the three point line to knock down the long three.

Dyson shows tremendous effort every game. Hustles on offense to get open, and hustles on defense and doesn’t let his opponent get an easy score.

In their last game against Villanova he only had 15 points on offense but it was his defense that made him great. In the second half of the game coach Jim Calhoun told Dyson if he shut down Scottie Reynolds one of college basketballs’ best point guards that they’d have a better chance to win the game, and that’s exactly what he did.

Biggest Draft Steal

Sherron Collins

Every time a player less than six feet enters the NBA Draft many teams pass on these players. But what many fail to realize these are the quickest player.

Look at what Ty Lawson has done for the Nuggets’. Who say little guys’ can’t play ball in the NBA.

The 5-11 point guard has a silky smooth release on his jump shot that he takes with confidence. Sherron can stretch the floor with his streaky shooting and has the speed to blow past defenders if they’re out too tight. Sherron can outmuscle most point guards due to build.

Definitely has the leadership abilities needed because he has been the man to take over in late game situations throughout the year for the Jayhawks.

Which team will come out better?

The New Jersey Nets come out the better team because of the addition of John Wall. John will join a team where the record doesn’t fit the team.

The Nets have two All-Star caliber players in Brook Lopez and Devin Harris. Not to mention their sharpshooter Courtney Lee, and high flyer Keyon Dooling.

The Nets all season has lacked the explosiveness and athleticism. That’s why John Wall to the Nets would be a great fit. Picture this starting lineup: PG John Wall, SG Courtney Lee, SF Jarvis Hayes, PF Yi Jianlian, and C Brook Lopez.

This Nets team will have the most potential out of all teams with losing records to get back into the playoff race.


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